How to install the Riso

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This guide is a step-by-step process on installing the Riso IS-300 on Apple computers.

Install Files

Running the 10.9 Installer

  • Download and extract the file from digi. Double click the enclosed 'Mavericks Riso Install.dmg' to mount the disk image.
  • Double click the 'riso install.command' file to run the installer. This is script which copies the software and PPD files to the correct space.
  • A terminal window will open and prompt you for your password. Please input the administrator password to your computer and hit the 'return' key.

Adding the Riso Printer

  • Open System Preferences.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 13.10.29.png
  • Select Printers & Scanners.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.14.27.png
  • Click the + to add the printer.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.20.53.png
  • Select Add Printer or Scanner... - the Riso will not show up during the initial scan for new hardware.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.21.11.png
  • The Add dialog box will appear.
  • Click the IP button to add a printer by IP Address.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.21.19.png
  • Input the following information (Fig: Add Settings):
    • In the Address: text box enter
    • Set Protocol: to Line Printer Daemon - LPD.
    • In the Queue: text box enter hold.
    • Make sure hold is entered lowercase - the printer will not access jobs otherwise.
    • In the Name: text box enter RISO.
    • In the Location: text box enter Arts 115
Add Settings
  • Change the dropdown menu for Use: from Generic Postscript Printer to Select Software....
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.24.12.png
  • The Printer Software dialog will open.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.24.21.png
  • Type riso into the filter.
  • Select RISO IS300-G v1.1 (2-color) and click OK.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.24.33.png
  • You will be brought back to the Add dialog. Click the Add button.
  • If the Riso and IS-300 are disconnected from the network, you will get the following error message:
      • "Unable to verify the printer on your network."
    • If you get this message, simply click Continue to install the printer.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 11.26.34.png
  • A window with printer options will appear - Setting up 'RISO'
    • Set Job separator: to Managed by plug-in.
    • Set High Speed to Managed by plug-in.
    • Set Version: to 1.1.98
      • These options should be the default options.
Screenshot 2014-01-14 13.36.51.png
  • Click OK and the installer will complete. At this point the Riso is set up and ready to use.
  • A wiki on using the riso will be created shortly.