Wet Mount Scanning

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This tutorial starts with the following assumptions:

  • You have been given a demonstration on wet mount scanning by an instructor or lab manager.
    • If you have NOT been given a demonstration on this process, STOP and ask for one. Damage caused to lab equipment due to negligence will be paid for by the student responsible.
  • You are familiar with scanning on the Epson Scanners using SilverFast

The wet mount (fluid mount) scanning trays are located next to the Lab Monitor station in the commons area.

1. Gather your supplies. You will need the following:

  • Scanning Tray and Base (available by checkout from the lab monitor on duty)
  • Cleaning Cloth (available in the bottom of the black file cabinet)
  • Mounting Fluid (stored on top of the vent hood in the AIL)
  • Transparency cut to size (available in the bottom of the black file cabinet)
  • Red spray bottle with cleaning solution (stored on top of the vent hood in the AIL)
Wet Mount Supplies

2. Make sure the glass surface of the wet mount scanning tray is clean. If the tray is not clean, you can use soap and water available in the red spray bottle in the AIL with a paper towel to clean the surface. PRESS LIGHTLY when cleaning the glass surface as the glass and plastic frames are susceptible to cracking. If the tray is damaged by you or another student, please let a lab monitor know so that the equipment can be repaired or replaced.

3. Squeeze a moderate amount of scanning fluid onto the scanning tray. Please be careful not to breathe too deeply as the fumes from the fluid are strong.

Wetmount scanning 002.png

4. Place your negative on the scanning tray over the mounting fluid emulsion side down.

Wetmount scanning 003.png

5. Squeeze another moderate amount of fluid over the negative.

Wetmount scanning 004.png

6. Place the transparency over the negative, sandwiching the negative between the glass tray and the fluid.

  • This process will create a flat seal between the negative and the scanning tray, allowing for the flattest and sharpest possible scan on the Epson scanners.
Wetmount scanning 005.png

7. Using a plastic card or similar object (an ID Card wrapped in a cleaning cloth will work well), remove any bubbles on the negative. Please remember to Press Lightly while doing this so as not to break the glass or frame of the negative tray.

Wetmount scanning 006.png

8. Lift the negative tray by the two metal handles located on either side of the tray and place it on the scanner surface.

  • Make sure the glass "registration window" is located on the top of the scanner.
  • The tray will fit uniformly on the glass surface of the scanner.
Wetmount scanning 007.png

9. At this point you are ready to scan using SilverFast. For scanning surface, be sure you select Transparency rather than Wide Transparency. Wide transparency is used when laying negatives directly on the scanning surface without a negative carrier.

10. When you are finished scanning your negative, reverse the process.

  • Remove the negative tray from the scanner.
  • Remove the transparency covering the negative from the tray.
  • Remove the negative from the tray.
  • Use the soap and water solution in the Red Spray Bottle to gently clean the negative carrier surface.
  • Discard of used cleaning cloths as well any transparency sheets that can't be reused. If the transparency sheet is still in good condition, you can hang it under the vent hood in the AIL.
  • Return the clean and dry wet mount negative carrier to the lab monitor on duty.