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When saving files in Adobe CC, specifically Adobe InDesign CC, you need to save the format in the InDesign Markup Language type to open that file in older versions such as CS6, or .IDML. The file will not open otherwise. Also, to make sure your work is retrievable, save the file as .indd in Creative Cloud before you Save As/Export as .idml.

  • When ready to save, go to File -> Save As.
Screenshot 2014-01-16 15.09.56.png
  • Name your file and select the location in which to save it.
Screenshot 2014-01-16 15.10.05.png
  • Change Format: from InDesign CC document to InDesign CS4 or later (IDML).
Screenshot 2014-01-16 15.10.27.png
  • Click the Save button.

The file created can be opened with any version of InDesign, CS4 or newer. Please let a lab assistant or lab management know if you are still having issues.