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Quicktime Player Quicktime Player is a professional video playback application. Though Quicktime Pro has some video encoding/compression/editing functionality, it's real value is as an auxilary application to programs like Final Cut Pro. It is the standard application used for video playback. Some minor format adjustments can be made, but Quicktime is used primarily for video playback.

Opening a Video

There are a two ways to open a video for playback in Quicktime Player.

1) Drag the video file on to the Quicktime icon in the dock. - fig.1


2) Access the file menu in the application and select open option that suits your purpose best. - fig.2


Controlling Playback

  • You can adjust playback through the control panel that appears on the video when you pass the mouse over the video. - fig.3
  • You can enter Fullscreen mode by clicking the arrow button at the right of the panel. - fig.4
  • In the view tab, you can select other playback options as well. If you video you plan on watching has subtitles or alternate Languages as an option, you can turn them on in the Subtitles and Languages drop down. - fig.5

Recording Video

  • You can record videos of yourself using an attached camera. Use the quick key Option Command N to open the recording window. - fig. 6

Preparing Video for the Internet

  • Encoding can be done in Quicktime, but it is suggested that it is accomplished through the application that you edited the video with, such as Final Cut Pro. Quicktime Player can encode videos for iTunes, MobileMe, and YouTube. To do this Go to the Share tab in the File Menu. - fig.7
fig. 7

Keyboard Shortcuts

Option-Command (⌘)-N: New movie recording

Control-Option-Command (⌘)-N: New audio recording

Control-Command (⌘)-N: New screen recording

Command (⌘)-O: Open file

Command (⌘)-U: Open location using a URL

Command (⌘)-W: Close window

Shift-Command (⌘)-S: Export

Shift-Command (⌘)-E: Export for the web

Command (⌘)-M: Minimize window

Command (⌘)-I: Show Movie Inspector

Option-Command (⌘)-P: Show export progress

Space bar: Play or pause

Command (⌘)-Return: Play or pause all movies

Left Arrow: Stop playback and go back one frame

Right Arrow: Stop playback and go forward one frame

Option-Left Arrow: Go to the beginning of a movie

Option-Right Arrow: Go to the end of a movie

Command (⌘)-Left Arrow: Cycle through rewind speeds

Command (⌘)-Right Arrow: Cycle through fast forward speeds

Up Arrow: Turn volume up

Down Arrow: Turn volume down

Option-Up Arrow: Turn the volume up to the maximum level

Option-Down Arrow: Turn the volume down to the minimum level

Option-Command (⌘)-T: Show closed captioning

Command (⌘)-R: Show chapters

Command (⌘)-L: Loop the movie

Command (⌘)-F: Enter full-screen mode

Command (⌘)-F or Esc: Exit full-screen mode

Command (⌘)-1: Display movie at actual size

Command (⌘)-3: Fit the movie to the screen

Command (⌘)-4: Fill the screen with the movie

Command (⌘)-5: Display the movie in panoramic mode

Command (⌘)-Plus (+): Increase the movie size

Command (⌘)-Minus (-): Decrease the movie size

Command (⌘)-Z: Undo

Shift-Command (⌘)-Z: Redo

Command (⌘)-X: Cut

Command (⌘)-C: Copy

Command (⌘)-V: Paste

Command (⌘)-A: Select all

Shift-Command (⌘)-A: Select all excluding silent portions

Shift-Command (⌘)-L: Rotate left

Shift-Command (⌘)-R: Rotate right

Shift-Command (⌘)-H: Flip horizontal

Shift-Command (⌘)-V: Flip vertical

Command (⌘)-Y: Split clip

Command (⌘)-T: Trim