Printing Policies

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  1. No printing to inkjet printers unless a lab assistant or instructor is present.
  2. Students take turns printing during open labs - 1 print per person per turn. Use the Print Queue on to put your name on the list.
  3. Students may use their own paper or purchase paper from the lab.
  4. Paper may be purchased from the lab assistant on duty - a menu is listed on the cabinet door with types, sizes, and prices.
  5. Cash only, no IOU's.
  6. If a print is ruined due to a mechanical issue with the printer, the paper will be replaced free of charge if that paper is in stock. If the print is ruined due to improper use or incorrect settings, the student will be responsible for the cost of purchasing more paper.
  7. If using a roll of paper, please have lab assistant load and unload the roll.
  8. Students may request nozzle checks be performed on the printers at any time.
  9. After loading paper in the paper tray, please replace the tray cover before printing. This reduces the amount of dust and dirt that enters the tray.
  10. If the print is jammed, please notify a lab assistant to clear the jam. DO NOT open the printer and clear the jam yourself.