Print to Transparency

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1) Print all images from Photoshop.

2) Make sure the printer is on and the transparency is loaded in the printer BEFORE you send your print.

3) The transparency needs to be loaded with the print side facing you.

4) Set printer to the A137_Epson_9880_pK printer.

5) Set Color Handling to Printer Manages Colors.

6) Set Rendering Intent to Perceptual.

7) Click Print Settings button.


8) Set Paper Size to US C 17 x 22 in. (Sheet)


9) Change from Layout to Printer Settings.


10) Set Media Type to Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250).

11) Set Print Mode to AccuPhoto HD.

12) Set Color Mode to EPSON Standard (sRGB).

13) Set Output Resolution to SuperPhoto – 1440 dpi.

14) Uncheck High Speed and check Finest Detail.


15) Click Print to return to the Photoshop print dialog.

16) Click Print in the Photoshop Print Dialog to send the image to the printer.