Print from Lightroom CC to Epson Printers

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1) Click on the Print module - Fig.1


2) Expand the Print Job section - Fig.2


3) Select Printer in the Print to menu - Fig.3


4) Uncheck Draft Mode Printing - Fig.4


5) Check Print Resolution: 300 ppi (usually the standard) - Fig.5


6) Uncheck Print Sharpening - Fig.6


7) Uncheck 16 Bit Output - Fig.7


8) Expand the Color Management section - Fig.8


9) Profile: Select Other - Fig.9


10) Choose paper profile in the window (Include Display Profiles should be left unchecked) - Fig.10


11) Rendering Intent: Perceptual - Fig.11


12) Click Print - This will bring up the printer driver dialogue - Fig.12


13) Choose a printing guide to continue.

Print to File

You can save photos as JPEG files in the Print module for sharing with a print service provider. When you print to JPEG, Lightroom lets you choose a resolution, apply print sharpening, and set the compression quality. You can also specify dimensions of the file and apply an RGB ICC profile and a rendering intent. Fig. 13

fig. 13

1) In the Print Job panel of the Print module, choose Print To > JPEG File. Fig. 14

fig. 14

2) Specify a resolution 300dpi or higher. Fig. 15

fig. 15

3) Specify the amount of Print Sharpening desired. Usually leave this section unchecked. Fig. 16

fig. 16

4) Specify the amount of compression using the JPEG Quality slider. Usually leave this at 100. Fig. 17

fig. 17

5) Specify custom file dimensions by selecting Custom File Dimensions and entering values in the width and height fields. Fig. 18

fig. 18

6) Specify color management options. If you would like to choose one of the printer profiles, choose other and you will have the option to do so. Fig. 19

fig. 19

7) Specify Print Adjustment options (if you need to do so. We recommend leaving this unchecked) Fig. 20

fig. 20

8) Click Print to File and choose your destination!