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Media Control Center

Media Control Center

The Media Control Centers are used predominantly by professors. However, lab assistants should have an in-depth knowledge of how Media Control Center operates to be able to assist anyone who needs help with the program. Media control center can be used to play dvd/vcr films on the projector as well as allowing Instructors to hook up their laptops and share their screen.


Turning on the Projector is quite easy. Whenever someone wishes to turn on the projector, all they need to do is press the “ON” button. The projector will power on and the lam will start to warm up. After about 30 seconds, the projector should be on and viewable. To turn the projector off, simply press the “OFF” button and the projector will power down.

Input Select

This box allows the user to select which media they will be using. Make sure that all media is connected/inserted before clicking any of the buttons.

Black Screen and Image Controls

Black screen is a useful tool for hiding the projector screen for a small amount of time without turning the projector off. To turn on black screen, just click the black screen button. To take black screen off, just click “Black Screen Off.”

Note: Using the black screen for extended periods of time can damage the projector. After a certain amount of time with the black screen on, the projector will automatically turn off the black screen.


Utility is a mix and match of everything else.

  1. Laptop Auto Adjust- Adjusts the laptops image on the projector for position and stability
  2. Presentation Timer- An on screen timer that stays on top during Powerpoint Presentations
  3. Safe USB Removal- Opens up the Safely remove hardware window, allowing the user to safely eject media.
  4. Open/Close CD/DVD Door- Self explanatory.

Master Volume

Used to control the volume of the projector speakers. Is used in conjunction with the EXTRON volume controller on the side of the DVD/VCR player. Sliding the master volume slider will raise/lower the volume. It can also be changed by turning the master volume knob either up or down.

Hooking Up a Laptop

To hook up a laptop to Media Control find the thick cable with the blue plug (jack?) at the end labeled “LAPTOP” and plug it in to the corresponding port on the laptop. If audio from the laptop is needed, simply plug in the audio jack (aptly labeled AUDIO JACK) into the correct audio port.

Switching between laptop and Teaching station

To switch to and from a laptop screen back to the instructors screen simply press the “Computer Or Laptop” button on the media control center.

Using the VCR/DVD

To use the VCR/DVD feature of Media Control, Insert the media into DVD/VCR player located underneath the instructor desk. Once the media has been inserted, with the projector on, click the respective button. (For VCR click VCR, for DVD click DVD)

VCR/DVD Controls

Controlling the VCR/DVD is fairly simple, just like using a remote. Once the media has been inserted and the correct button has been pushed, the next step is to play the media by pressing play. If the VCR is not completely rewound all the way, simply press rewind. Pressing rewind can stack, so the more you press it, the faster it rewinds. Also, pressing Stop and then rewind will be the quickest way to que the media back to the very beginning. The DVD controls also work just like a remote, with chapter back/forward buttons as well as the Menu button which will take the user back to the Root screen of the DVD.

Using RCA Hookups

Media Control Center allows the user to hook up RCA cables and run media through that way using the VCR button. Simply hook up the RCA cables, click the VCR button and control the media using the attached device. (videocamera etc)

Arts 121

  • Arts 121 uses a separate system for Media Control Center. There is no switching needed, just use the separate terminal next to the instructors station.

TH 108

  • TH 108 uses a separate system for Media Control Center. There is no switching needed, just use the separate terminal next to the instructors station.