InDesign guide to printing booklets

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Print Booklet

The print booklet feature in InDesign is used mostly for printing books in a more complex order than just consecutively duplexing the pages. This feature is especially useful for books where you need the pages in a different order than a regular print because of the way it is being bound.

1) Make sure that your InDesign document is created at the Print Size you want it to be.

  • If you want to print a document that is 6x6, make sure that the pages in your document reflect that before moving on. You cannot change your page size later on, it creates issues.
  • Input desired Number of Pages.
Id booklet 1.png

2) The Number of Pages can also be altered in the Pages tab.

Id booklet 2.png

3) Once you are ready to print your booklet, head to File>Print Booklet.

Id booklet 3.png

4) Now the print booklet window should be showing. Ignore the print preset and choose your Printer. In most cases here in the Digi Labs it will be one of the laser printers. If you cannot choose one right here, do not fret, there is a place to choose in just a little bit.

Id booklet 7.png

5) Choose the Booklet Type that you are printing. Here we will be choosing 2-up Saddle Stitch which means two pages on a sheet and saddle stitch refers to shaping a booklet down the middle.

Id booklet 4.png

6) If you have a bleed set on the document, make sure to check the Automatically Adjust to Fit Marks and Bleeds checkbox.

Id booklet 5.png

7) If you have some blank pages and still want them to come out, also make sure to check the Print Blank Printer Spreads checkbox.

Id booklet 6.png

8) Your settings should look something like this:

Id booklet 13.png

9) Now let's look at our preview to see what the book looks like. If there is a little warning sign by the preview text, that means there is an error happening there. In most cases it usually means the book falls off the paper size you have set, and you will see that in the preview like so:

Id booklet 8.png

10) To fix that, click Print Settings in the bottom and a dialogue box will show up.

11) Now here is where we can choose our Printer. Go ahead and do that now. And if you need Blank Pages printed, make sure to check that here as well.

Id booklet 9.png

12) On the left click Setup. Here is where you can choose your Paper Size and the Orientation of the book on the sheet. Make sure your book is not scaled more than 100%, and keeping the page position Centered will make things easier to trim later.

Id booklet 10.png

13) Lastly, click on the Marks and Bleed section on the left and make sure that you have the marks you need selected.

Id booklet 11.png

14) Now you can click OK, and move back to the print booklet dialogue to look at the preview. If there is no error, and everything looks good, you can click Print and begin making your book! If not you should go back into Print Settings and adjust some more.

Id booklet 12.png

Document with Different Page Size Error

If you come across this dialogue there are a couple options you can use:

1. Create a New Document just like the one you have now and copy and paste everything over to the new one and try printing.


2) Use the Move Pages Tool in the Pages Window

  • Create and open another document you would like to move the pages to.
  • Click the top right of the pages window and select Move Pages.
Id booklet 14.png
  • Select "All Pages" and choose where you want the pages to move to. And if you want to delete the pages after it is done, check the box. Click OK.
Id booklet 15.png