Image Capture Scanning

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1) After opening Image Capture, this is the window you will see. - fig.1


2) Click on the Scanner you want to use on the left side. - fig.2


3) Click show details on the bottom and the scanner will automatically begin an overview scan of whatever is in the scanning bed. - fig.3


4) After this is done, begin choosing your settings. First choose your scan mode. Flatbed will most likely be the default, but if you need to scan negatives, that's what the transparency options are for. If you change it. it will immediately do an overview scan again in whatever scan mode you chose. - fig.4


5) Next, choose the kind of scanning you will be doing. Most likely color or black and white. - fig.5


6) Choose the amount of colors you would like, Millions or Billions. - fig.6


7) Choose the resolution you would like to scan at (this doesn't affect the overview scan). - fig.7


8) Next, choose where you would like to save your file, your name, and the file type. - fig.8


9) Pick the scanning settings you would like to use (It is suggested that you keep them off and do any editing in another program). - fig.9


10) If you haven't done so already, place what you want to scan on the bed, and click the overview button. Now, on the left side, make the bounding box fit around whatever you plan on scanning. - fig.10


11) You can also have multiple boxes to scan more than one thing at a time. - fig.11


12) Once you are ready, hit scan and it will save the file to your destination.