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On the left side of the iTunes window, you will find the categories of Library, Store, Shared and Playlists (fig 1).

fig 1

The Library (fig 2) arranges the music by name, title, artist, album, and genre.

fig 2

To change this, go to View > View Options (fig 3) or command J, and check the sections you want to organize your music (fig 4).

fig 3
fig 4


Podcasts are located under the Library category (fig 5), and are obtained by downloading them from the music store.

fig 5

You can get there by clicking Podcast Directory (fig 6).

fig 6

You can change Podcast settings by clicking the Settings button (fig 7)(fig 8).

fig 7
fig 8


Movies, located under the Library category (see fig 5), hold videos that you download off the Internet, or from a DVD.

Party Shuffle

The Party Shuffle (fig 10) automatically chooses songs from your library or and playlist that you have created.

fig 10

You can change the source by clicking the source tab at the bottom (fig 11).

fig 11


The Radio (fig 12) streams music from the Internet and divides them into different genres and radio stations (fig 13).

fig 12

fig 13

iTunes Store

The iTunes Store (fig 14) is where you can buy music and download it into iTunes. To do this, you have to sign in and create an account (fig 15).

fig 14

fig 15


You can make a playlist (fig 16) by clicking the plus sign (fig 17).

fig 16
fig 17
This symbol (fig 18) is to turn the shuffle on or off.
fig 18
To play the playlilst once, repeat playlist, or repeat song push this button (fig 19).
fig 19