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If you have not received training from your teacher or a lab manager, STOP. You must receive training before you may use the Hasselblad Flextight X1 Scanner, its accessories, and accompanying software. NO EXCEPTIONS

Turning the Scanner On

1. The negative carriers are available for checkout from the lab monitor on duty.

2. Open the scanner door.

3. Push the red power button on right.

4. Load the negative carrier in the scanner.

5. Load the negative in the negative carrier.

Using the Scanner Software

1. Open FlexColor Software from the Dock or Finder

Flexcolor icon.png

Image Settings

2. Set Following Settings:

  • Setup - Select Film Type
Select Film Type
  • Frame - Select Image Size
    • 35 mm
      • 24x36 = portrait oriented 35mm negative
      • 36x24 = landscape oriented 35mm negative
    • Medium Format Transparency
      • 60x45
      • 60x60
      • 60x70 (coming soon)
    • Large Format Transparency
      • 4"x5"
Select Frame
  • Mode - Color Mode
    • RGB - AdobeRGB (1998)
    • Grayscale - Gray Gamma 2.2
    • CMYK - U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2
      • Recommended Settings:
        • RGB 16 bit
        • Grayscale 16 bit
Select Mode

Image Preview

3. Click Preview Button

Flexcolor preview button.png
  • Scanner will pull negative in for quick preview
  • Preview of the scan area will appear
Flexcolor image preview.png

4. Select scan area by clicking and dragging in display area

Flexcolor select scan area.png

Scan Options and Image Corrections

5. AutoFocus

  • Turn Autofocus on or off during final scan
Auto Focus Button

6. Color Info Window

  • Click the Color Info Window button to check color and exposure values in your image.
Flexcolor color info window button.png
  • Shows LAB values in the image
Flexcolor color info window.png
  • Use the point selector to show several point values throughout the image
Flexcolor color info window with points.png

7.Histogram Adjustments

Flexcolor histogram button.png
  • You can make Exposure corrections with the histogram tool.
Flexcolor histogram window.png

8.Gradations Adjustments

Flexcolor gradations button.png
  • You can adjust the Contrast, Brightness, and Shadow Depth in the condensed Gradations menu.
Flexcolor gradations window condensed.png
  • You can adjust curve levels in the expanded Gradations menu
    • Click the gray arrow next to "Curves" to expand this option.
Flexcolor gradations window expanded.png

9. Color Corrections

Flexcolor color correction button.png
  • Fix color cast or hue issues throughout the image
Flexcolor color correction window.png
  • Change the color channel to adjust different channels in your image.
Flexcolor color correction channel selection.png

9. Texture

Flexcolor texture button.png
  • Apply sharpening or blur to image
  • Reduce noise in images
Flexcolor texture window condensed.png
  • Refine Unsharp Mask settings by expanding the Unsharp Mask menu.
Flexcolor texture window expanded.png

10. Auto Corrections

  • Automatically adjust exposure, contrast, and color corrections to the image
Flexcolor auto corrections button.png

11. Reload Corrections

  • Reset all corrections performed to the image
Flexcolor reload settings button.png

Output Size Options

12.Output Size

Flexcolor output size.png
  • You can manually adjust the output size of the image
  • You can adjust the output resolution
    • Please note that FlexColor does not support scaled output - best practice is to scan at the physical dimensions of the negative at the maximum optical resolution and scale the image for final output in Photoshop, ColorBurst, or QTR-Print-Tool.
Flexcolor resolution.png
  • Select "Other… "if the resolution you prefer is not listed
  • Max Optical Output Resolutions and scan speeds:
    • 24x34 - 6300ppi - 7.15 minutes
    • 36x24 - 6300ppi - 7.15 minutes
    • 60x60 - 3200ppi - 6.02 minutes
    • 4"x5" - 2040ppi - 5.08 minutes


Flexcolor view options.png
  • Zoom in and out, fit to screen
Flexcolor view options zoom.png
  • Detail window
Flexcolor view options detail window button.png
  • You can use the detail window to get a closer view of sections of your image.
  • Rotation
  • Rotate preview to correct orientation
Flexcolor view options rotation.png



  • Click Scan Button
Flexcolor scan button.png
  • Expand Save Options (Optional)
Flexcolor save dialog.png
  • Select Save Location
  • Set file name
  • Select Format

15.Click Save.

  • Scan will be saved to save location, time will vary depending on image size, resolution, auto focus.

Turning the Scanner off

1. Remove the negative carrier from the scanner.

2. Turn the scanner off using the red power button on the right.

3. Wait for the scanner's lights to turn off and the negative carrier clamp to detract into the scanner.

4. Close the scanner door.

5. Return the negative carriers to the lab monitor on duty.