Epson 7800 Print Driver Settings

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Follow these instructions for printing to the Epson 4900 using Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster (PLPP) and Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte (EMP). This guide assumes you have already turned the printer on and loaded your paper.

Epson Printer Dialog

1. The Epson Printer Dialog window will appear.

Epson Print Dialog

2. Select your paper size.

  • Be sure you select the correct paper size with (Sheet) if you are using cut sheet paper otherwise the printer will expect roll paper.
Select Paper Size

3. Change from Layout to Color Matching.

Select Color Matching

4. Select EPSON Color Controls.

Select EPSON Color Controls

5. Change from Color Matching to Printer Settings.

Select Printer Settings

6. Select your Media Type (Matte Paper - Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte)

Matte Media Type

7. Print Mode should be AccuPhoto HDR

Print Mode

8. Set your Color Mode to Off (No Color Management).

Matte Black Ink

9. Set your Output Resolution

  • For Enhanced Matte paper select SuperPhoto - 1440 DPI.
Matte Output Resolution

10. Set your print speed for the best possible print.

  • Uncheck High Speed.
  • Check Finest Detail.
Matte Print Speed

11. Click the Save button to return to the Print Dialog.

Save Button