Digital Negatives

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1 Finish editing your image in Photoshop

  • Resize if necessary
  • Flip the image on the horizontal axis

2 Ask Lab Monitor on Duty to load Digital Negative Printer (Epson 4880)

3 Open 'Print Tool'

Print Tool Icon.png

4 Open image (2 ways)

  • File -> Open Image
  • Drag and drop on to print canvas
    • You can open multiple images to print at once

5 Select Printer 'Quad4880-PiezoDNp2'

Print Tool Select Printer.png

6 Make sure scale is set to 'Inches'

7 Click 'Paper & Print Settings' Button

Print tool paper & print settings.png
  • Select Paper Size
    • If using the roll of Pictorico OHP, paper width of 17 inches is required with a length of 7 inches or more.
Print tool custom paper size.png

8 Change from Layout to QuadToneRIP

Print tool change to qtr settings.png
  • A Set Mode to 'QuadTone RIP 16-bit'
  • B Set Curve 1 to desired process
  • C Set Curve 2 and Curve 3 to None
  • D Un-check 'Split-Tone'
  • E Set Paper Feed
    • Roll Feed (Cutter On) for roll media
  • F Set Resolution
    • 1440 super for up to 11x17
    • 2880 for anything 11x17 or larger
  • G Set Speed
    • Uni-Direction (same as un-checking High Speed in the Epson Driver)
  • H Click 'Save' button to return to Print-Tool
Print tool QTR Settings.png

9 Edit Position and scaling of image(s)

  • Drag the sides and corners to adjust the size of the image.
  • Change the width and height in the Image Position and Scaling section.
  • Change the scale factor in the Image Position and Scaling Section.
    • There are options to change the scale percentage or use the scaling buttons below this section.
    • Change the Pixels/Unit amount in the Image Position and Scaling Section.
Qtr-print position and scaling.png

10 Color Management Settings:

  • A Set to 'Print Driver Managed'
  • B Un-check 'Epson ABW Mode'
  • C Un-Check 'Negative'
  • D Leave prefs at default
  • E Auto 8/16 Bit
Print tool color management settings.png

11 Click 'Run Print'

  • Print Driver will re-open
  • Can review print settings to double-check and click 'Print'
    • Make sure transparency media (Pictorico OHP) is loaded in printer
Print tool run print.png