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DVD Studio Pro is software for authoring DVD-Video titles.

New Project

1) Start a new project. - fig.1


2) In the next window, choose an application configuration and press OK.

3) Choose layout, then NTSC video standard. (This is the Western Hemisphere (US) video standard, PAL is for the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe). The two video standards play at different frame rates and most US DVD players are not PAL compatible.) - fig.2

fig. 2

4) Choose a template from the palette. - fig.3


5) To add menus, make sure you drag the template icon onto the main menu folder located under the Outline tab in the top left window. - fig.4


6) Click on buttons to edit them in the Button Inspector located in the Inspector, directly underneath the Palette. - fig.5


a) Changes the button name

b) Links button to play asset (video/audio/slideshow)

c) Change the Text displayed on the button

d) Set target menu for button navigation

7) To change the target page of buttons, select their target from the menu. From here, you can set buttons to either navigate to another menu or to play an asset. - fig.6


8) You can click on text on the DVD Menu to directly edit (this is good for text boxes and button names). - fig.7


9) To pull up buttons to add to a page, select the styles tab from the palette and then select buttons. There are several buttons to choose from, some pertaining to specific layout themes. - fig.8



1) Assets are video clips, audio clips, and pictures that you want to add to the DVD layout. To import assets, select the assets tab, then click import. If you are unable to find the assets tab, select assets from the Window menu. You can then select the assets from the hard drive or external drive. - fig.9


2) To assign an asset to a specific button, drag the asset from the asset tab to the button. When the menu appears, select Set Asset and Create Track. This will designate the button to play that asset. - fig.10


3) If you want to check to see if you have the right assets linked to the right buttons you can simulate your DVD at any time. To do so, just select the simulate button and navigate through your DVD. - fig.11


4) On some templates there is space to insert a preview. To do so, just drag the selected item from the assets tab. - fig.12


5) When ready to burn the DVD, simply insert a DVD in the combo drive of the computer and press the Burn button. - fig.13


6) If you have not inserted a DVD or if the DVD you inserted is not able to burn this dialog box will appear. - fig.14


7) When burning, a status bar will show the progress of the burning process. - fig.15



Create Slideshow

1) Click slideshow button. - fig.17


2) Add images.

3) Put images in order.

Format slideshow

1) Apply audio (drag and drop or import assets). - fig.18


2) Set transitions. - fig.19


3) Set slide duration. - fig.20


4) Set slide change. - fig.21


5) Convert slideshow to track. - fig.22


6) Target button in menu to play slideshow (set target, tracks and stories, slideshow name, [track]). - fig.23


Inserting movies/video tracks

1) Create new track.

2) Import asset – choose video.

3) Drag video track from assets folder onto v1 of timeline window, audio will be added automatically. Audio and video can be removed separately.

4) Link button to play added video.

5) Media can be previewed from the assets window.