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Getting Started

1) Go to ColorBurst RIP > Preferences and make sure the following are set:

  • General tab - Check Use Expert Mode
  • RIP tab - Check RIP & Print-On-the-Fly
  • Click OK

2) Make sure that RIP On and Receive on Hold are selected. - fig.1


3) Choose Printer and Environment - Click Here for a list of available environments. - fig.2


4) You can select File > Open or drag and drop files to the Job List to add them to the print queue.

  • Supported file formats are: full Postscript Language Level 1, 2, and 3 support for PS, EPS, and PDF files, including multipage files and JPEG compression. CMYK, RGB, Lab, and color-mapped TIFF files, including LZW compression, as well as Targa, Scitex Handshake CT, and RTL raster files are also supported. All file types can be placed together in a layout for printing.

Printer Settings

1) Select the file from the Job List and click the Printer button. - fig.3


2) Select the correct Paper Source (Roll or Sheet). - fig.4


3) If you are printing to roll, make sure you have Cut Media selected. - fig.5


4) If you have Use Bidirectional Printing selected, this is similar to having 'High Speed Printing' enabled while printing from Adobe applications. It is recommended to keep this off. - fig.6


5) You can select Auto Rotate for Best Fit to make sure that the image is rotated to fit on the page. - fig.7


Page Settings

1) While still in the Printer Settings window, click the Page Settings tab and check Use Page Settings and input your paper's width and height. - fig.8


2) Select Auto Center. Doing so will ensure that your image is printed on the center of the paper. - fig.9


3) You can use the Center with Offset and Manual Position options to place your image on the page so that you can fit more than one image on one sheet.


1) Make sure you still have the file selected in the Job List and click Activate to send the file to the printer. - fig.10


2) While quitting ColorBurst or selecting a new printer/environment combination, if you have changed any Default Settings for an Environment, you will be prompted to save those changes. DO NOT save changes to environments. - fig.11



  • If there are any connectivity issues between ColorBurst and the printer, you will have to restart the computer. - fig.12
  • If the print is coming out with any issues, you can click the cancel button on ColorBurst RIP but you will have to hold the pause button on the printer to reset it.
  • If you get an Image Too Wide message on the Job List, you can adjust the image size by double clicking the image dimensions. - fig.13
  • This will open the File Attributes window in which you can scale your image larger or smaller as well rotate the image for the best fit on your paper. - fig.14