Advanced Black and White

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1. After selecting Print from the File menu, the Photoshop Print Settings window will appear.

Photoshop Print Dialog

2. In the Color Management section, make sure Color Handling is set to Printer Manages Colors.

Photoshop Color Management Settings

3. Click the Print Settings button to open the Epson Print Dialog.

Adv bw print 03.png

4. Select your paper size.

  • If you are using cut sheets, please select the correct paper size with (Sheet) in the label.
Select Paper Size

5. Change from Layout to Color Matching.

  • Select EPSON Color Controls.
Check Color Matching Settings

6. Change from Color Matching to Print Settings.

  • Select your Media Type.
  • For this demo we are using Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte but please be sure to select the correct media type for the paper you are using. It is recommended to used Epson brand paper for optimal results however using 3rd party paper can still be done.
Select Media Type
  • Select Ink: choose Matte Black when printing to the mK printer and Photo Black when printing the the pK printer.

7. Set the Color Mode to Advanced B&W Photo to enable the Advanced Black & White options.

Set Color Mode

8. Select your desired Color Toning.

Select Toning

9. Select your desired Print Quality.

EMP Print Quality Settings

10. Click the Advanced Color Settings tab to fine-tune your print using the Advanced B&W Options.

  • You can use the preview image supplied to judge how your prints will look when completed.
ABW Advanced Options

11. Set your desired Tone.

Set Tone

12. You can fine-tune your image by changing specific options without having to edit your image.

Fine-Tune Options

13. If you find your print has a color cast coming out of the printer, you can fine-tune the color cast by editing the position of the crosshairs in the color picker.

  • You can edit the numerical value of the Horizontal and Vertical positions or you can click or drag the crosshairs with your mouse.
  • Please be aware that if you move the crosshair more than 10 points in any direction you will start to see a color cast with the color you are moving towards.
Adjust Color Cast

14. Click the Save button to return to the Photoshop Print Dialog.

Adv bw print 15.png

15. Click the Print button to send the file to the printer with your selected settings.