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Policies and Procedures

All Labs - General

All Digilabs are restricted to students who have classes in the room unless otherwise approved by lab management. Guests of any kind are not allowed and will be asked to leave. See below for specific lab access policies.

  • User Accounts – Digi access is managed by our own LDAP server meaning all accounts are unique and specific to our labs. Do not share username and password with anyone.
  • All students will be given their username and password at the beginning of semester, sharing login information is strictly prohibited.
  • Food and drinks are prohibited at computer stations or around any hardware.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Project that might include cutting or pasting for example are restricted to non-workstation tables. Spraying, painting or using materials that produce fumes are not allowed anywhere in the labs.
  • If you experience a computer problem, tell a lab assistant or lab management.
  • The professor’s station is intended for instructors only.
  • Scanning station is just for scanning students, unless there are no other computers available. Students may be asked to move if they are not actively scanning.
  • Headphones must be used with audio of any kind.
  • Do not rearrange, disconnect, or connect any cables without permission.
  • Installing software is prohibited without lab management's permission (freeware, shareware, games, chat clients, internet browsers, 3rd party browser plug-ins or any software updates).
  • Never work directly off the DigiServer.
  • When there is a class in session, you may not work in the lab unless approved by the instructor.
  • The workstation areas are to be kept clean. When you leave, pick up any items that you might have used and discard of your trash properly.
  • Talk quietly in the labs; do not interfere with the work of other students.
  • Scanning- Students must be trained on scanners before use. During high volume times a queue will be created and scanning will be limited to an hour.
  • Cell phones should be silenced while in the lab and phone conversations should be taken out of the lab.
  • Students who are disruptive in any way will be asked to leave the lab.
  • Classes conducted in the lab take priority over posted lab hours.
  • Removal of school printer (copy) paper from the lab is prohibited.
  • Please use the white bin for flat waste paper and the blue recycle bin for all other waste paper. St. Edward's does not recycle plastic or aluminum PAPER ONLY in recycle bins.
  • The lab phone is for emergencies or for short, university-related calls only. You may not use them for personal calls or remain on the phone for more than two minutes.
  • Lab computers and printers are the property of St. Edward’s University. Altering computer hardware or software is strictly prohibited. Attempts to alter hardware or software will be subject to University disciplinary action.
  • Computer software is protected by Federal Copyright Law and attempts to make copies of protected software is illegal.
  • Students causing damage to furniture, computer hardware, or the lab in general will be held responsible for repair and/or replacement.
    • Any modification of computer equipment may cause the student to lose lab privileges and/or be responsible for assessed damages.

      Some examples of tampering:

    • Disconnection of computer cables to use on personal devices.
    • Moving CPU to attach personal equipment.
    • Removal of any hardware including the cover on the CPU.
    • Internet Browsers are not to be used for any unethical behavior.
  • Students are only allowed in lab during posted hours and student must vacate lab at posted closing time, begin saving work 15 minutes prior to closing time.
  • A program called DeepFreeze manages our systems; if the system is restarted for any reason any thing not saved to the “thawspace” will be lost. Save all your work to “Thawspace” which can be found on the desktop or in a finder window. When you have finished working on your project, backup your work to an external hard-drive and remove your files from the thawspace. You can also use DVD-R/Ws or CD-R/Ws. Thawspace will be routinely cleaned out and management reserves the write to clear its content at anytime. Assume that your work will not be there as soon as you leave your seat.

Individual Lab Access Policies:

  • A121
    Any student with a class in A121 or TH108 will have access to this lab.
  • TH108
    Any student with a class in A121 or TH108 will have access to this lab.
  • A140
    Any student with a class in A140 will have access to this lab. Inform Lab Assistant in A121 if you are working in A140.
  • Students with classes in A121 and TH108 must have prior approval for use of this lab.

General Printing Policies:

  • Lab printers are not to be used as copy machines to make multiple copies of documents. The printers are intended for the printing of academic material only.
  • If you have ANY problems or errors while printing inform lab assistant or lab management of problem. DO NOT attempt to resolve problem yourself.
  • Plain white printer paper for the laser printers is provided by St. Edward’s in letter and tabloid sizes. Any other sizes and specialty papers that students wish to use are to be provided by the student or purchased from Digilabs.

Ink Jet printers:

  • Students must be trained on ink-jet printers before using.
  • Ink-jet printing is not allowed without a Lab Assistant or Instructor present.
  • If more than one person is printing to the same printer then the printer queue on the digi website should be utilized. Prints will be limited to one print per turn when a queue is active.  Failure to use the digital queue while multiple students are printing can result in losing turns to use the printers.
  • Do not send batch prints or entire books; if the no one else is printing limit it to 2 prints at a time.
  • Students are not allowed to load or unload roll paper, see Lab Assistant.
  • All paper must be paid for upfront, no Checks, Credit Cards or IOU's.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

LaserJet printers:

  • Only the plain white copy paper provided by the lab may be used in the LaserJet printers.
  • Any custom paper or alternative materials such as acetate sheets and labels must be used on the Epson Inkjet printers.

Other Policies:

1. Alumni
Alumni may only use the AIL up to one year after graduation upon Lab Manager approval.  No other labs are available for alumni use.  To gain access to the AIL, alumni must contact the lab manager to set up an appointment to use the AIL, which must be set during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm).  Appointments will not be made outside of these times or while a lab manager is not present.  If alumni wish to print using the ink-jet printers in the AIL, they will be charged for ink and paper (if applicable).  The lab, as with enrolled students and faculty, accepts payment in cash only.  Checks, credit cards, and IOU's will not be accepted, prints will not be released until payment is made in full.  

2. Unclaimed Prints
All unclaimed printed documents will be recycled.

Equipment Checkout

Persons borrowing equipment from St. Edward’s University Arts121 Digital Lab will be charged a rental fee if the equipment is not returned by the due date and time.

If equipment has not been returned after 7 days passed their checkin time, the student will be added to a ban list for 14 days.  They will not be allowed to check ANY lab equipment out including items that do not regularly leave the lab such as card readers, tablets, and scanners.  Late fees may also be levied after repetitive late returns.

If a student wishes to re-check equipment, they are welcome to do so.  However if the student is re-checking late equipment, they will need to have the equipment in hand to re-check it in person.

After the borrowing privileges have expired, a rental fee will be charged each day until the all equipment is returned.

Equipment return guidelines
Digital Cameras
Digital cameras can be checked out seven days a week during designated open lab hours and are due 48 hours from checkout time. Once the 48 hours are up, a late fee will accrue. The same fees apply when equipment is returned with missing accessories or parts.

Hours & Fees: Digital Camera Check out 48 hours, late fee per day $20.

Late Policy:

  • Cameras will be considered late when the lab closes on due date.
  • Students will be notified by e-mail when the camera is late.
  • Students with late fees cannot check out cameras.
  • Fees carry from semester to semester.
  • Students cannot check out cameras for the other students with late fees.

Camera Check list:

  • 256 Mb Transcend Compact /Flash Card with Case
  • Canon Li-ion Battery pack with cover
  • Canon CB2LT Battery Chaarger
  • EFilm Firewire compact Flash card reader
  • 3 ft. 6-pin to 6-pin Firewire Cable
  • 3ft. AV cable
  • 4 ft. USB cable
  • Canon PowerShot S60 Digital Camera
  • User Guide

Digital Drawing Tablets:

  • Tablets may be checked out during classes or open labs.
  • There are no time limits on using tablets during lab hours as long as the borrower remains at the computer.
  • Users must return tablets before leaving the lab. Any parts or accessories that are missing will accrue a fee until they are returned.
  • Hours & Fees: In Class or Open Hours checkout, Parts and Accessory missing fee $20

Tablet Check list:

  • Intuous Grip Pen
  • Metal Penholder
  • Wireless mouse
  • 9” x 12” Intuos drawing tablet

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